2946-06-09 - Special Announcement: Interview with Admiral Ilic

Tomorrow's vidcast episode features a special interview with Vice-Admiral Adriana Ilic, the newly appointed commander of the Naval Survey Auxiliary. Topics covered during this interview will include the scandal which ousted her predecessor, the state of the Auxiliary after recent budgetary cutbacks, plans for expansion of the Maribel starport and service yard, and the growing public demand for the Survey to increase the speed with which it declares worlds fit for colonization.

The interview is expected to fill the entire time of the episode, and as such Feedback Loop with Sovanna Rostami has been moved to the episode which will be made available today.

2946-06-07 - Upcoming Events: Aston Pesaresi at CBCP Centauri

Cosmic Background host Ashton Pesaresi will participate in several panels in October during CBCP Centauri, which is being hosted this year on the campus of Baumgartner University in the city of Pele. A full list of the topics of Ashton's panels, as well as dates and times, will be provided in mid-July, but it is possible that the convention will be sold out by that time. The only panel topic which we can confirm at this time is "The Interstellar Community as an Audience", as this panel topic was retained from last year's program due to high demand.

Entry passes to the yearly Convention of Broadcast Professionals can be reserved on the organizers' datasphere hub. Their hub also contains information about other aspects of the event, which will last six days.

It is possible that Ashton will miss one or two shows while attending the convention, but one of the other Cosmic Background personalities will almost certainly be on hand to fill in for him.

2946-06-05 - Notice: Changing Behavior of the Cosmic Background Text Feed 

With as big an audience as the Cosmic Background vidcast series has gathered, we find ourselves with an ever-increasing stock of material submitted by our fans throughout explored space and the frontiers. While we are committed to our twice-monthly Feedback Loop episodes, we find ourselves unable to fit all of the best material we're sent into these episodes. In some months, we are able to fit less than half of the deserving submissions into the available vidcast time, and as a result we've amassed quite a backlog of stories we've been unable to share without cutting into the other content which makes Cosmic Background what it is. 

To address some of our deep backlog of potential Feedback Loop content, this text feed, previously used only to alert our audience of upcoming special events and opportunities to meet the people behind the show, will now also distribute worthy content from our inbox, cleaned up and edited by our assistant producer Duncan Chaudhri. 

This is an experiment for us here at Cosmic Background, so we can't say where we'll take this method of content delivery in the future, but we are very hopeful that our audience, especially those of you out on the Frontiers who lack the hypercomm bandwidth to retrieve the full daily vidcast episodes, will find this to be a valuable addition to Cosmic Background's available content. Duncan, who most of you already know from his appearances on the vidcast episodes during Ashton's extended vacation in December, has been working behind the scenes on the show in a number of ways for almost two years, and we're all excited to see what he does with this new content. 

Any submission, past or present, may be published to this text feed, in any order. If you want to earmark a submission specifically for this feed for any reason, make sure to tag the hypercast bundle with the “textfeed” meta-key. Our system will route these items directly to Duncan’s desk. 

In addition to bundles containing text submissions from our audience inbox, this feed will also now occasionally host messages from some our sponsors. At this time, the only sponsor who has signed on to support this experimental content is Kosseler Shipbuilding, one of our oldest and most highly-regarded sponsors. Kosseler Shipbuilding's relationship with dates back almost to the beginning of the show, and we're very happy to provide the consumers of our new text feed content with promotions and special offers exclusive to our audience. 

Notifications of upcoming events, giveaways, and other show news will continue to appear here; filter your subscription to only process hypercast bundles tagged with “shownews” if you want to see this text feed without the new content. This will filter out both Duncan's stories from the inbox, and any messages from our sponsors. We hope that nobody elects to skip this new content, but the option is there for you if you wish to use it. 

Please address any questions or concerns about this change to the Cosmic Background customer relations inbox.