2946-06-06 - Editor's Loudspeaker: Welcome to Tales from the Inbox!

Greetings, fellow fans of Cosmic Background, and welcome to Tales from the Inbox! As the team webmaster announced a little while ago, I'll be your host as we explore some of the amazing stories the audience has sent to our studio over the past six years, which never quite managed to find a time slot on the main CB vidcast episodes. 

When Sovanna Rostami, the amazing host of the Feedback Loop episodes which you all know and love, suggested this method of bringing more of the submitted content to light, I'll admit I was, like most of the studio staff, quite skeptical; Cosmic Background is a vidcast service, and I wasn't sure this audience would warm to a text-only supplement to the show, even if this was a way to consume more of our most sought-after content. 

That was a month ago; by now, most of us have come around to seeing things Sovanna's way. I'm excited to be given the chance to bring you this experimental new content – I've already spent the better part of a week digging through our inbox submissions and picking out some of the best items that will translate best to this format. 

Expect the first installment of Tales from the Inbox to be ingested into this feed within a few hours. As Sovanna says at the beginning of each Feedback Loop vidcast, we do not verify the stories we are sent. That means that while I do plan to exclude the ones that are easily disproven, I can offer no guarantee that every submission is completely factual. Thankfully, I know that the Cosmic Background audience knows from long experience with Feedback Loop episodes to make up its own mind about the outlandish stories we are sent. 

That's all I've got to say for now. 

--Duncan Chaudhri

Cosmic Background Junior Producer 
Editor of the "Tales from the Inbox" Text Feed